Xuan Li

Ph.D. Student

Department of Computer Science

New York State University at Stony Brook


I'm a Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science at New York State University at Stony Brook. I'm researching on computational conformal geometry (CCG) under the supervision of Prof. Xianfeng Gu. I received my B.S. in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Tsinghua University in 2017. Four undergraduate years of systematic education on math helped me discover a love for math. However, I have been attracted by computer science since a very young age. With the love for both two subjects, I hope I can introduce pure math to the real life and make an impact on the world.



Conformal Mesh Parameterization using Discrete Calabi Flow

Hui Zhao ,  Xuan Li ,  Huabin Ge ,  Na Lei ,  Min Zhang ,  Xiaoling Wang ,  Xianfeng Gu

12th International Conference on Geometric Modeling and Processing (GMP 2018). 2018.


Robust Edge-Preserved Surface Mesh Polycube Deformation

Hui Zhao ,  Na Lei ,  Xuan Li ,  Peng Zeng ,  Ke Xu ,  Xianfeng Gu

Pacific Graphics (PG 2017) Short Papers. 2017.