GarmentDreamer: 3DGS Guided Garment Synthesis with Diverse Geometry and Texture Details

Boqian Li1,2,*, Xuan Li1,*, Ying Jiang1,3,*, Tianyi Xie1, Feng Gao4, Huamin Wang5, Yin Yang2, Chenfanfu Jiang1

*Equal contributions.

1UCLA, 2Utah, 3HKU, 4Amazon (This work is not related to F. Gao's position at Amazon.), 5Style3D Research


Traditional 3D garment creation is labor-intensive, involving sketching, modeling, UV mapping, and texturing, which are time-consuming and costly. Recent advances in diffusion-based generative models have enabled new possibilities for 3D garment generation from text prompts, images, and videos. However, existing methods either suffer from inconsistencies among multi-view images or require additional processes to separate cloth from the underlying human model. In this paper, we propose GarmentDreamer, a novel method that leverages 3D Gaussian Splatting (GS) as guidance to generate wearable, simulation-ready 3D garment meshes from text prompts. In contrast to using multi-view images directly predicted by generative models as guidance, our 3DGS guidance ensures consistent optimization in both garment deformation and texture synthesis. Our method introduces a novel garment augmentation module, guided by normal and RGBA information, and employs implicit Neural Texture Fields (NeTF) combined with Variational Score Distillation (VSD) to generate diverse geometric and texture details. We validate the effectiveness of our approach through comprehensive qualitative and quantitative experiments, showcasing the superior performance of GarmentDreamer over state-of-the-art alternatives.






an Iron man upperbody armor

an orange leather skirt

a American Western cowboy style jumpsuit made of brown leather

a black leather strapless dress

a black tight leather pants

a blue denim shirt

a blue denim skirt

a blue denim sleeveless tee

a blue denim tee

a brown leather pants

a pair of flared jeans

a plain blue short sleeve full dress

a silver leather skirt

a silver metal armored trousers

an spiderman T-shirt

a sleeveless tee made of brown leather

a Spiderman sleeveless armor

a traditional royal style dress made of blue silk

a yellow leather skirt

a yellow leather tee

More Demos

an American Western cowboy style jumpsuit made of orange leather

a brown leather dress

a floral pattern pants made of blue silk

a floral pattern skirt made of pink leather

a red denim skirt

a red leather trousers